4 Reasons to Build Your Next Playground Out of Plastic

A playground provides your child with a conducive environment to play and have fun. Playing is an important aspect of children’s growth. Though Plastic playgrounds are popular in many homes and institutions, other materials can also be used to set up a playground. You may opt for wood, metal or the playground may be molded or built with stones, building bricks or any other building materials including clay. You should opt for alternative building materials because of the many disadvantages of using plastic.

Here are 4 reasons to build your next playground out of plastic:

1. Safety

One of the major concerns for many parents is the safety of their kids while they are playing. Using wood in the playground helps you enjoy more peace of mind. This is because the wood is solid and may have knots here and there. It is not likely to be slippery hence cases of accidents while playing are minimal.

Institutions should particularly use wood in their playground because many kids play at the same time. This can help minimize accidents during play. Hardwood is not prone to breaking as compared to plastic. It’s not easy for kids to poke holes or break wood which could lead to accidents. Plastic on the other hand, when subjected to heat or pressure, will break easily.

4 Reasons to Build Your Next Playground Out of Plastic

2. Durability

Plastic is not durable. In addition, it does not expose kids to the natural environment as compared to playgrounds that have the natural setting theme. Metal is the most durable material to be used in playgrounds. When well maintained through proper welding and painting it can last for a long time. But for small kids prone to falls, most parents and institutions may opt for wood which is also long-lasting.

Plastics fade due to the effects of high temperatures and with time, they are weakened and break easily. Wood and metal are your best options if you are setting up a durable playground

3. Environment conservation

Plastics pollute the environment. When used in household items, you will not be promoting environmental conservation. These days, people are concerned about their surroundings. The production process and disposal of plastics are some of the leading factors in environmental degradation. You should support environmental conservation by adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle which includes using natural raw materials in production. When setting up a playground, you should consider using wood or metal.

4. Interesting additions

Having a playground that has interesting natural additions is more fun for the kids. Having a sandy or rocky area near a water mass will attract more kids to the play area. Kids appreciate playing in natural settings. Such settings also stimulate their creativity and imagination as compared to those playgrounds set up using plastics. Natural playgrounds that also includes hills, trees, trails, and grass promote physical fitness of the kids.

If you are planning to set up a playground for your kids at home or in an institution, it is important to incorporate the nature theme in your settings. As much as possible, most of the playground accessories should be made of wood. It is more durable and if you have trees in your compound, then you will not need to buy wood, making it a cheaper way to build a playground.

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