5 Helpful Tips to Learning Python

Python is an amazing programming language that is ideal for developing great apps, websites, robots and scripts. On the other hand, learning python by yourself can be a big challenge. But it’s not complex like rocket science. All you need is a plan that will guide you on how to grasp the concepts of the coding language.

As a matter of fact, there are many learning resources on the internet that are specifically tailored for python programmers. Such resources can be found at https://simpleprogrammer.com/get-started-learning-python/. However, most learners are often discouraged by the long and boring tutorials. Reading in between the lines of each tutorial can drain you emotionally considering that you can take up to 2 months on just one tutorial. With the tips outlined below, you can learn python in the shortest duration ever.

5 Helpful Tips to Learning Python

1. Code More Often

Reading the tutorials without practicing what you have learnt is a waste of time. This is because you learn best by implementing the concepts. In fact, it’s easy to forget what you have learned by just combing through the notes in the tutorials like you are reading some novel. If you want to shorten your learning curve, it’s advisable you dedicate a portion of your daily routine to coding. Since it might be difficult in the first few days, you should start coding for just a few minutes, like half an hour and then adjust as you get used to the language. You should make sure you have coded something in the chapter you have just finished before proceeding to the next chapter.

2. Draft Codes on Paper

Even though the tutorials are available in electronic format and you will also be coding on a computer, it’s important you take short notes as you read through the long texts because it will enhance your understanding. In fact, you can use those summaries as quick reference points. Before you develop any code on your computer or laptop, you should first draft it on paper or a whiteboard. This will help you in knowing how the code will flow from the first syntax to the last. Moreover, you will not waste time when you start writing the code on the computer platform due to the fact that you already know the layout of the project.

3. Partner with Other Coders

Programming is generally regarded as a career that isolates one from social life. To spice things up, you should consider hooking up with fellow coders so that you can compare notes with them. At the end of it all, you will learn a few things that you didn’t know. In this day and age, it’s much easier for python coders to connect on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Once you hook up with other pythoners, you should try teaching them what you already know and expect them to do the same thing to you. This is because it’s easier to remember something you have taught someone else and vice versa.

4. Hunt for Bugs

Simply put, bugs are the errors that prevent your python code from running like it was intended. Even a small bug is enough to cripple a coded program. Instead of feeling devastated when bugs come around, you should embrace them because they are giving you an opportunity to learn the hard way. In fact, you should make a habit of looking for programs that have been grounded by such errors and neutralize the bugs to bring the code back to life. The good thing about this approach is that the solutions you discover can be documented and used in future when the same bugs manifest themselves again.

5. Take Periodic Breaks

Like mentioned earlier, coding in python can drain you psychologically because you are always in deep thoughts. It’s therefore important you take periodic breaks between the lessons. In fact, it’s during such breaks that you grasp the concepts much better. Instead of sitting behind your computer from morning to evening, you should take some time off so that you can go for a swim, hike or hangout with friends because it will help you unwind.

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