5 Tips to Making More Money While You Sell Your House

Florida has a population of 20.98 million people living in 6,337,979 households. It is worth noting that the population of the Sunshine State increases by 1.8% annually. What is the impact of this increase on the housing market in Florida? Well, it leads to a corresponding increase in the number of families living within the borders of the state. These families require new homes leading to an increase in the demand for housing. Consequently, now is the best time to sell your property.

Here are 5 tips to making more money while you sell your house.

1. Sell It Quickly

Wasting time is unwise because circumstances change. For example, the average price of a home in the United States peaked during the first half of 2006. At this time, the US housing market was at its best. Then, housing prices started declining and this steady decline continued for six years. Take advantage of the prevailing conditions. Sell your home now while the prices are high so that you can reap the benefits of a booming housing market. Remember, market booms last for a short time. Then an extended period of depressed prices follows.

Making More Money While You Sell Your House
Making More Money While You Sell Your House. Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels.

2. Sell It As-Is

If you are thinking about how to ‘sell my house,’ then you should sell it as- is. Experienced investors will buy it without focusing on its condition. They already have a vision of what they will do with it so you do not have to do it for them. For example, they know the repairs and renovations that the house needs. Carrying out these repairs and renovations is an expensive endeavor, but they will do it without asking for reimbursements. Consequently, these investors help you save loads of cash by doing it themselves. However, you will make less money than you would have made if you had listed the company in the open market.

3. Avoid Fees

Keeping as much cash as possible is an excellent idea for various reasons. For instance, you maintained the house the way it is at a tremendous cost to your financial status. Recouping some of that money would be a joyous achievement. However, doing that is difficult if you have to pay fees to someone else for helping you find a buyer. For example, some real estate agents ask for as much as a commission of 6%. Avoid these fees by going for investors who buy your home directly from you. Doing so allows you to keep all the proceeds of the sale.

4. Get Cash

Different payment methods exist in today’s world. They include cash, cheques, bank transfers, and virtual currencies. They have their advantages and disadvantages. However, cash is still the ideal payment method for several reasons. For example, you get the exact amount you expected because there is no transaction fee associated with it. Cash saves a lot of time as well, unlike cheques where you have to wait for the money to mature. The value of cash is also stable, unlike virtual currencies whose value fluctuates uncontrollably.

5. Red Tape

Red tape disrupts your life in many ways. For example, you burn fuel as you move from one office to another. Remember, some home purchase agreements involve as many as ten people. They include the buyer, the buyer’s agent, the buyer’s lawyer, and an appraiser. You might also have an attorney and agent representing your interests. Dealing with these people takes time and money. Go for a simplified transaction between two people, i.e., you and the seller.

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