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Everybody has some old photos in their albums that are valuable. Photo restoration services or tools can breathe new life into old pictures. Using digital tools, they restore and repair the damaged photos in a digital format, enhancing the quality.

Obtaining a photo restoration online service can be as simple as colorizing old images, stitching torn portions of photos together, enlarging photos, and fixing any tears or blemishes.

We are bringing you imgkits that will help you to colorize photos, restore them & improve their quality. Let’s have a look at how it works & what it has to offer you.


Colorize, enhance, & restore your photos with imgkits

Photo restoration is easier with Imgkits These tools will automatically colorize black and white photos. Imgkits’ photo colorizer uses AI technology and deep learning to add vivid color to your grayscale, black and white, and yellowish images. Black-and-white pictures can be colorized using this Imgkits picture colorizer.

How to use imgkits to colorize the images?

  1. The photo can be colorized by visiting Imgkits and clicking the photo restoration option.
  2. Clicking the link will bring you to the same tab as before with the title “Online Colorization of Black and White Pictures”.
  3. Click on “upload image” to upload your image.
  4. Once you have completed the instructions, follow them.
  5. After you have finished updating the image, download it.

3 Reasons for colorizing your photos

Utilizing color in an image can elevate it to an entirely new level if used wisely. However, if not used properly, it can detract from the power of your photos.

  1. More dynamic images

Black-and-white images naturally have fewer dynamic ranges in colors, tones, and hues as opposed to color images. Because of this, color photographs generally illustrate a scene in a more detailed and richer way.

Photos can convey information about the time of day and the season from their colors. It’s late in the day if the sky is blue; it’s autumn if the leaves are red and orange.

It is possible to show key aspects of a subject through color photographs. Cultures such as Cuba and Peru are heavily influenced by colors. With color photography, you are able to capture those details in their full glory.

  1. Evoke Emotions

The colors we associate with trigger an emotional reaction within us when we are exposed to them.

Black-and-white photographs seem less real to us than color photographs, as we perceive color. This results in color photographs grounding the viewer in everyday reality.

It is possible to describe a picture’s mood with color. Yellow, for example, can make pictures feel cheerful or playful, while blue can denote sadness or melancholy.

The colors have many facets. Despite blue’s depressive effects, it has a calming effect as well, while yellow can also feel cheery while also being distressing.

  1. Adds Complexity

The world appears to be bright and colorful in a chromatic photograph. The human eye detects somewhere between one million and ten million different colors, said most researchers, but it is controversial and no one knows for sure.

A photograph’s reaction to the addition of color will be significantly altered by the element of color.


There are many memories associated with photos – whether they are in color or black and white. A colored photo looks better and invokes more emotions than a black-and-white one, most of the time.

A colored photo appears natural because it is colored. People often want to make black and white photos into color photos. Opt for imgkits for coloring your black and images.

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