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There are many blog review services out there, but most of the services are not free, we have to pay to get reviewed. In case of getting your SEO campaign succeeded, you need a lot of back link, right? Not only a back link, here you will also get reviewed. Now, if you want to, Dee-nesia  would like to provide you a free blog review. And of course back links. Do you want it?

Description of the service:

  1. I will review your blog in the post titled “Your Blog Name: Review Blog Free”
  2. The free review will contain 300+ words.
  3. Completed with a brief blog’s description, one link to your blog’s home page using your blog’s name as the anchor text, and two links with two keywords used as the anchor text, a screenshot of your blog’s main page.
  4. When I have done at least 10 free blog reviews, then I will place one widget on my sidebar that contains a link to your blog using “Reviewed: Name Your Blog” as the anchor text. The first reviewed one will be put on the first link on the list, so be the first!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You only need to enter the following link into your blogroll:
    1. with “My Gadget Review” as the anchor text if your blog is about computers, gadgets, netbook, notebook, gadget reviews, internet, technology, blogging, blog template, and hacking.
    2. with “Malang Photos and News” as the anchor text if your blogs is about your daily stories, travel, photography, family matters, hotels review, and other things alike.
    You just simply select one, according to the contents of your blog.
  2. Posts containing free reviews of your blog will not be deleted as long as you do not delete the link on your blogroll.
  3. I will delete my review if I found that my link on yours is not a dofollow link.
  4. Make sure you have installed one of my links above before submitting the application review this free blog. I’ll review your blog and if necessary, will ask you to change the link that you put into your blgroll.
  5. Dee-nesia will not accept your blog if it contains pornography and racial materials.
  6. I will do the review in at least five days after I received your application email. If in that time I am not able to finish it, then I will notify you to the next step.

Get reviewed!!! Send an email to estheryudi[at]gmail[dot]com, completed with:

  1. Your blog’s name and the url.
  2. Two keywords that you want along with links to specific posts of your blog. If there is any, then I will refer to the home page of your blog. Please remember, the keywords that refer to the outside of your blog links are not accepted.
  3. Confirm that you have installed one of my link on your blogroll.
  4. Fill in “Free Blog Review” on your email’s subject

If this free blog review service is just not fit to your need, then maybe you would like to write a review of your very own blog by yourself? If you do so, please visit this: Write my own blog review!!

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