Is It Important to Build Backlinks in SEO?

If you are just like me, a newbie on SEO, you might be wondering on what the Backlinks is. On Wiki you can find this explanation, Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. The next question is, is it important to build backlinks for our site or blogs? Well, there are two main reason.

  • first, links or backlinks are very important because we opted for the site by robots and eventually indexed in Search Engine. The next task is to determine the ranking of them in accordance with the terms (categories) site or blog.
  • second, backlinks will strengthen the relevance of our blog page. By extending links with other relevant sites will make our site or blog easier to be found by Google that later will be in the index and ranking. So every time Google inspects a link exchange, for example, then it will find a link for us there. Finally, we will be considered as a popular site or blog and placed in a high ranking for a specific categories.

Well, here is the next question, how to have backlinks? The easiest way of creating backlinks is to do exchange links, although it won’t be one way backlinks. We can also write an article and commenting on the forums, articles on blogs or sites, especially those which considered as DoFollow backlink.

How do we know the value of the  backlinks? There are some factors that determine the value of a backlinks. Backlinks from authoritative sites on a given topic are highly valuable.

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